Email Client System is application for email system access from client interactive and downloads all email from server to client.
Tool: -
Limited user: unlimited user
Current user: 3 users
Access: Client - Server
Language: Visual Basic 2005
Technology: Visual Based
Created Date: 2006
Company user: PT Mitra Solusi Telematika, Trakindo Group
Location: South Jakarta
Version: 1	
Status: Running well

-	User email management
-	Contact management
-	Export to Outlook
-	Inbox, Outbox, Draft and Recycle Box
-	Browser
-	Calendar
-	Email management.
-	User friendly
-	Thumbnail
-	Socket POP3 and SMTP
-	Support to HTTP Request (YPop)
-	LDAP user management
-	Import from Lotus Notes contact
-	Standard application drag and drop, multiple view window, split window and etc 
-	Support export email to outlook file
-	Interactive to DHTML Editor
-	Support Single Sign On