AMPERA (Asset Management Periodically Remote Access) Agent and Server is integrated application for remote, controlling, manage, monitoring, capture and robotic action to all asset with directly command or periodically command.
Tool: Simple Gen - X
Limited user: Unlimited
Current user: 19 users
Access: Intranet
Language: PHP for Server, Delphi for Client.
Technology: Client based, Web Based and Web Service
Created Date: 2007 October 
Company user: PT. Mitra Solusi Telematika, Trakindo group.
Location: all subsidiaries Trakindo group, Indonesia 
Version: 1 beta	
Status: Running well, development for beta testing.

-	Register Asset List
-	Asset Live
-	Command rule
-	Monitoring asset live and complete history with periodically
-	Remote policy asset
-	Remote command
-	Schedule asset
-	Request software and robotic install
-	Recording installation software
-	Intelligent complete performance and information system report asset  
-	Intranet and Internet support
-	Integration with Service Desk System
-	Web Service (HTTP request) system
-	Remote policy system asset
-	Engineer has complete information system asset report.
-	Robotic install
-	Monitoring log asset
-	Engineer has complete performance asset report
-	Monitoring asset
-	Remote update client
-	Remote asset
-	Schedule system asset
-	Monitoring detail asset change.