Service Desk is integrated system helpdesk, time sheet and asset management application with web based. Helpdesk is application for manage problem from customer until engineer can solve problem. Time Sheet is application for log all activity employees and generate performance productivity employee. 
Tool: Simple Gen - X
Limited user: Unlimited
Current user: 50 user
Access: Intranet
Language: PHP
Technology: Web Based
Created Date: July 2007
Company user: PT. Mitra Solusi Telematika, Trakindo Group
Location: South Jakarta
Version: 2	
Status: Running well

-	Request Problem
-	Helpdesk ticket
-	Time Sheet 
-	Asset List 
-	Management Customer
-	Knowledge based for solve problem
-	Periodically Report 
-	Management have performance productivity employee reporting
-	Time Sheet data support for export SAP system for performance finance / project of support service
-	Report support export to excel with graph
-	Management know and maintenance SLA for support service customer 
-	Dynamic work flow for create PO
-	Email notification
-	Monitoring problem
-	Solution library 
-	Customer support to print report
-	Time Sheet integrated with calendar system
-	Helpdesk integrated with Asset Management
-	Queue and Department escalate problem support
-	Helpdesk integrated with Time Sheet
-	Joomla portal integrated