Geography and Archives Information System Tata Kota Government is application manage and monitoring work flow documentation (Advice Planning, IMB, IPPT, IKPB and Advertisement document) with GIS based and automatic calculate tax for customer in government office.
Tool: Junior Gen - X
Limited user: Unlimited
Current user: 15 users
Access: Intranet
Language: PHP
Technology: Web Based
Created Date: 2005
Company user: Tata Kota Government
Location: South Sumatra
Version: 1	
Status: Running well with development for new release

-	Advice Planning 
-	IMB 
-	Advertisement 
-	Auto calculate tax
-    Tax rule for all module
-	Zone rule for all map
-	Map database 
-	Integrated all module from Advice Planning, IMB, IPPT, IKPB until Advertisement
-	Geography Information System based with until 1:1000 scale
-	Auto calculate tax
-	Dynamic generate SK and etc report
-	Monitoring document flow
-	Support zone coordinate with GIS
-	   Dynamic tax rule all module
-	Support save physically document to digital document and support to distribution for all sectors.