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Simple Junior Generator X is a web based application that can produce many application system and framework its automatically.
  Simple Concept
Advantage uses Simple Junior Generator X 
1. Free
Simple J Gen X can be free download in this website. Can use in free for commercial and also not commercial nevertheless may not alter script and change name Simple J Gen X by reason of any unless to the permit of creature right owner. This Application is my dedication for republic Indonesia and my city is Palembang become can be exploited maximum. For support you can contact pass by email, IM and telephone.
2. Simple
In accordance with whose name is Simple J Gen X, this application even also in design with Simple Concept that:
This Application is made by use PHP language and MySQL database that quite easy to and simple its writing.
This Application web based until every client needn't installed application and support multi Operating System that is Windows & Linux based.
This Application foolproof in install there is no dependable with other addition components that sometimes weigh against user.
This Application provides Studio that complete with facility Drag and Drop its.
This Application provides have much generator models from start many Form, View, SQL, Single Report and etc until make application very portable to use in many need.
This Application portable can use under any system or framework during still web based without throw away system authentication and management rule that already provide so it's enable for made a kind of single login.
3 Customize
Simple J Gen X this has excellence that is foolproof in to the needs of because have 3 facilities:
Additional Script is script that can be enhance at any given module either on header, footer, addition form, sub form, action script when knob save to depress, action script when after save and also before save query in execute. If this model are used then will lessen at least 80 % manual coding from 100 % workmanship coding that ought to conducted manually and percentage customize module is 50 %.
Template HTML and PHP is unique that given by this application where user can make display with script HTML or even PHP and JavaScript nevertheless without eliminate function of itself generator because user can call the functions of generator are referred per object and for rule and save action needn't made because directly form save script at one's fingertips. If this model are used then will lessen at least 60 % manual coding from 100 % workmanship coding that ought to conducted manually and percentage customize module is 85 %.
Customize Module is facility where user can look out on direct with framework and PHP. User can use facility procedure that already exist at application to water down in coding entered generator Entity Relation Data (ERD). If this model are used then will lessen at least 30 % manual coding from 100 % workmanship coding that ought to conducted manually and percentage customize module is 100 %.
4. Light
This Application not many uses JavaScript and picture. Until as light as a feather to transfer to quite small network its bandwidth
5. Economize time and resource
  Project A without Simple J Gen X
  Project B with Simple J Gen X
  Compare Table Project A and B
Task Name
Project A
Project B with Simple J Gen X

( $ )

( $ )
( $ )

( $ )

Analyst and Screen Design 5 A 20 100 5 A 20 100
Create Database 1 D 15 15 1 D 15 15
Coding Framework, Rule and etc 3 P1 15 45 0   0 0
Coding Master Table Form 5 P2 10 50 1 P3 5 5
Coding Transaction Form 10 P1, P2 25 250 7 P1 15 105
Coding Reporting 7 P1, P2 25 175 5 P2 10 50
Implementation 1 P3 5 5 1 P3 5 5
Bug Fixing 16 P3 5 80 7 P3 5 35
Total 48     720 27     315
Total Mandays
Economize time persentage
100 %
37.5 %
Economize resource persentage
100 %
56.25 %
Resource Description Analyst (A), Database (D), Programmer Level 1 (P1), Programmer Level 2 (P2) and Programmer Level 3 / Support (P3)
6. Reliable
Very rely on because of has been used for years by maker with various of version and a variety of formses project from big and small project and use by many end-userses. Example Click Here
7. Easy
Foolproof used some of generator displays its support drag and drop so it's enable a analist can plunge direct in application making from start generate ERD till design form and rules its. Interface this application in form of web based so it's enable team work can directly work concurrently.
10. Web Based
  Enable making a project are executed in a team work that can work concurrently
11. Rule
  Complicated Rule Level
  - By module
  - By menu
  - By action
  - By field
  - By record
12. Its original made in nation child (Indonesian)
Come on make feel all of you nationalism by using product home affairs. Hopefully with participate all of you with this application development by use it can make native country pride and useful for throng in moving forward IT world in Indonesia
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